Who is Adult Dancer Jobs

Adult Dancer Jobs is the hiring site for the top agency in the US. We are one of the longest running, most professionally run Adult Entertainment Agencies in the Industry. Founded in 1994 our mantra is Safety and Legal First, making money Second. We offer you a great opportunity to learn how to be successful in this exciting industry.
We are seeking qualified applicants that present themselves appropriately and can demonstrate the meaning of work ethic. No experience is necessary. Apply online and a representative will get back to you to discuss your options.

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Why Apply for an Escort Service Job?

Many applicants have always been curious about the adult entertainment industry but are not sure where to begin. The biggest challenge is finding a legitimate company to work with as well as the details of how to start. With our companies we will advise you through the entire process. Many applicants are tired of their boring 9-5 job, others keep their day job and are looking for supplemental income, some are trying to achieve a goal such as buying a home, a nicer car, travel or pay off their credit card debt or student loans. Whatever is your individual reason, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

There are many advantages to working together with us. We are the leader in out-call adult entertainment with over 25 years in the industry. Whether you have had some experience with this kind of work or something related or if you are a first timer, if we accept you to be part of our team we want you to succeed. Check out our FAQ page and if you have further questions before filling out our application feel free to call us at (424) 781-7607.


Advantages of Becoming Part of Our Team

There are a lot of advantages in becoming a part of our team:

• Professional, Discreet, Long Running Company.
• You will get to travel and meet interesting people.
• Proven Systems to help ensure your success.
• You Will Get paid what you are worth! You Will Make the most amount of money for your time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How old do I need to be to apply?
Answer: You need to be 18 years of age with proper identification and be legally able to work in the U.S.

Question: Is there Sex involved?
Answer: Absolutely NOT! We have been in business since 1994 and promote only promote and provide legal activities for our clientele.

Question: What if I do not have experience? Can I still apply?
Answer: Absolutely. 90 percent of our approved applicants have had zero experience but we accepted because they have what it takes to succeed and want to learn the correct way to do this job.

Question: What if I do not have my own car?
Answer: Generally most of our Entertainers do in fact have their own car. However sometimes there are other options such as being able to borrow a car, use Uber or Lyft that may possibly work.

Question: I want to be extremely discreet. Will this job let me accomplish that?
Answer: We pride ourself in discretion for our talent as well as our customers. Noone will know that you are doing this job unless you choose to tell them.

Question: What is the next step? I'm excited and want to get started.
Answer: Fill out an application online and attach current photos of yourself. A representative will be in contact with you for a telephone orientation.

In what cities are your Escort Employment Opportunities?

We are where you are! At ADJ we have work throughout the entire State of California. If you are seeking an escort career in the adult entertainment industry we can help you find work within your area. It is our mission to specialize in bringing the top talent together with the best clientele in your area. Don’t be afraid to call and find out what potential job opportunities we have readily available. We are always looking for select good talent.

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