Escort Jobs in Sacramento

Escort Jobs in Sacramento

Do you want reputable escort jobs in Sacramento?

At Adult Dancer Jobs, we give you the chance to advance your career as a professional escort with unbounded success in this competitive industry. Fill in our online Sacramento Escort Application today.

Who is Adult Dancer Jobs? - We Are The Premier Escort Company

When it comes to legal and trustworthy adult entertainment services, not many escort agencies compare to Adult Dancer Jobs. We have been in the escort business for over 25 years, which has enabled us to cement our status as one of the most experienced agencies in the country.

At Adult Dancer Jobs, we prioritize safety and legal operations over profits. We strive to create a healthy working environment for our valued escorts, never forcing them to participate in activities that make them uncomfortable.

Keeping our operations legal has enabled us to attract some of the most prominent people in the country, and our clients love our discretion as we keep everything private. Adult Dancer Jobs links our beautiful escorts to wealthy and interesting clients. It’s a win-win situation.

Although we always look to hire the most confident ladies in Sacramento to work as our escorts, we have restrictions that are fundamental to our operations. We only consider escorts above 18, specifically those who can work in the US legally. It helps us to stay on the right side of the law.

Do you want to work for a trusted escort agency in Sacramento? Contact Adult Dancer Jobs today.

Escort Careers in Sacramento
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How to become an Escort in Sacramento

Are you interested in escort employment at the best agency in Sacramento? Try Adult Dancer Jobs. Our reputation as the most trusted agency around precedes us.

Starting as an escort is usually the most challenging part of a competitive adult entertainment career. Most first-timers are conned out of their earnings by unscrupulous and profit-hungry agencies, but we are different.

We focus on improving the welfare of our clients by offering some of the highest rates around.

Adult Dancer Jobs is open to employing inexperienced applicants. Over 90 percent of our top-rated escorts started without any experience, but through active collaboration, we have transformed them into highly rated in-demand professionals.

We value privacy and won`t share your profile without your consent. As our golden rule, we never share client or escort profile details with third parties.

You don’t need a car to join our escort agency. While a car will help you meet our clients faster, we also allow our escorts to use alternative means, like Uber or Lyft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to apply?
You need to be 18 years of age with proper identification and be legally able to work in the U.S.
Is there Sex involved?
Absolutely NOT! We have been in business since 1994 and promote only promote and provide legal activities for our clientele.
What if I do not have experience? Can I still apply?
Absolutely. 90 percent of our approved applicants have had zero experience but we accepted because they have what it takes to succeed and want to learn the correct way to do this job.
What if I do not have my own car?
Generally most of our Entertainers do in fact have their own car. However sometimes there are other options such as being able to borrow a car, use Uber or Lyft that may possibly work.
I want to be extremely discreet. Will this job let me accomplish that?
We pride ourself in discretion for our talent as well as our customers. Noone will know that you are doing this job unless you choose to tell them.
What is the next step? I'm excited and want to get started.
Fill out an application online and attach current photos of yourself. A representative will be in contact with you for a telephone orientation.

Sacramento Escort Job Application

Apply to join our agency by filling in our Sacramento Escort Application. Kindly fill in the escort application form correctly to enhance your chances of a successful application. We need your contact details, state of residence, age, phone number, and email address to be verified.

We will also need you to submit a recent photo of yourself to accompany your application form. It is advisable to attach a high-quality photo that showcases your best features to increase your chances of approval.

We are strict on the age and legal status of our applicants. You must be above 18 and able to work in the US legally for Adult Dancer Jobs to consider your application.

Apply to Be An Escort

Are you interested in joining our elite team of beautiful, intelligent escorts? Apply to be an escort with Adult Dancer Jobs today.