Escort Jobs in San Francisco

Escort Jobs in San Francisco

Are you interested in professional escort jobs in San Francisco?

At Adult Dancer Jobs, we give you the chance to interact with some of San Francisco`s wealthiest and most prominent personalities, all in the name of legitimate work.

Who is Adult Dancer Jobs? - We Are The Premier Escort Company

Adult Dancer Jobs is one of the leading and most trusted escort agencies in the US. We have been operational for over 25 years as San Francisco`s premier escort company. We provide adult entertainment services to some of the most prominent personalities.

We pride ourselves in keeping all our operations legal through strict recruitment measures. We only hire escorts who are above 18. You must also be capable to work in the US legally to be considered for our team at Adult Dancer Jobs.

At Adult Dancer Jobs, we have a competitive edge over other escort agencies, thanks to our concern for safety. We value our escorts and ensure that all our clients are verified and trustworthy before sending you out for an appointment.

As an adult, we respect your right to make decisions and set your limits. We never force you into participating in activities that make you uncomfortable.

For you to work for us, you must conduct yourself admirably and have a charming personality that will entertain even the most difficult-to-impress clients. If you meet all these easy requirements, apply now at Adult Dancer Jobs and kick start your career as a professional escort.

Escort Careers in San-Francisco
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How to become an Escort in San Francisco

Are you looking for highly respected escort employment in San Francisco?

Finding a job as a professional escort is anything but easy. Profit-hungry agencies take advantage of unknowing prospects, and most first-timers find it challenging to land employment with trustworthy companies.

The good news is that Adult Dancer Jobs is one of the most trusted and highly rated escort agencies in the country. Our 25 years of experience says a lot about our legal, world-class services.

Once you successfully join our team, we will train you on how to leave lasting impressions on clients and grow your network for a successful career.

Are you worried that you lack enough experience to join our team of proven escorts? Rest easy. We welcome new applicants and promise to help you settle into the escort business through training and advice.

Some of our best-rated escorts started with no experience in the escort industry and have carved out successful careers.

At Adult Dancer Jobs, we respect the preferences of both our esteemed clients and beloved escorts. We will not share or reveal your activities or work profiles. Discretion is one of the virtues that has helped us remain competitive in the escort industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to apply?
You need to be 18 years of age with proper identification and be legally able to work in the U.S.
Is there Sex involved?
Absolutely NOT! We have been in business since 1994 and promote only promote and provide legal activities for our clientele.
What if I do not have experience? Can I still apply?
Absolutely. 90 percent of our approved applicants have had zero experience but we accepted because they have what it takes to succeed and want to learn the correct way to do this job.
What if I do not have my own car?
Generally most of our Entertainers do in fact have their own car. However sometimes there are other options such as being able to borrow a car, use Uber or Lyft that may possibly work.
I want to be extremely discreet. Will this job let me accomplish that?
We pride ourself in discretion for our talent as well as our customers. Noone will know that you are doing this job unless you choose to tell them.
What is the next step? I'm excited and want to get started.
Fill out an application online and attach current photos of yourself. A representative will be in contact with you for a telephone orientation.

San Francisco Escort Job Application

Join our trusted escort agency by filling in our online San Francisco Escort Application. You can increase the chances of applying to our agency successfully by providing accurate personal information, such as names, telephone numbers, state of residence, email, and city. You will also be required to attach a recent photograph to accompany your application.

We value your privacy, and as an agency that conducts ethical operations, we will not share or transfer your contact or personal details.

Remember, we only accept applicants who are above 18. You must also be capable of working in the US legally for Adult Dancer Jobs to accept your application.

Apply to Be An Escort

Apply to be an escort now and become a member of our elite team of world-class, highly-rated escorts.